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Making a Legal Will - The Last Will and Testament Directory
This site is intended to help you find the right service or product for creation of your legal will (your 'last will and testament').

Making a Will is an essential step if you want to make sure that your assets (your 'estate') is distributed in the way you actually want after your death, and by the 'executor' of your choice. Without a Will, this simply cannot be taken for granted... your assets and personal belongings may not automatically go to your wife, partner or children.

Hopefully, the following pages will prove to be an invaluable source of information. If, however, you need any further assistance or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Making a Will
Some people try to save money by writing their Will themselves. Unfortunately, a badly written Will can cause more problems than having no Will at all!.

A Will Writing Service should be quick... easy... and efficient. Normally, all you should have to do is complete a simple Will Instruction form, perhaps by using a simple on-line service or by completing the form contained in a specifically prepared pack.


Where Can I Find a Form or Service?

Finding the right service for you, even armed with the information above, can prove to be particularly problematic. The most common problem, certainly with internet based services and products, relates to JURISDICTION.

For instance, a Will created under US law may NOT be appropriate for UK citizens, and vice versa of course. Overlooking this fact is all too common.

For this reason, we have identified suppliers by jurisdiction. The following territories are covered:

England & Wales         USA


Help & Glossary - What Does That Mean?

The world of Wills has its fair share of jargon... terms taken for granted in the industry which are not generally or fully understood.

Don't worry... this page, provided by a leading supplier, will explain what those strange words actually mean!

Don't Forget Executorship!
When you make a will you need to appoint an 'executor' who will be responsible for administering your 'estate' and carrying out your wishes (as expressed in the Will). This can be a complicated and time-consuming job, so you need to think carefully about who the best person should be.

An alternative approach is to appoint a professional service organisation to act as your executor. For the USA, a source of suitable attorneys can be found at LawGuru.


Finally, if you need any assistance, guidance or
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