Making a legal will: content and beneficiaries


To avoid the appearance of conflicts between the heirs of a deceased person, it is preferable for him to write his life a clear and precise will to lay out his last wishes. Writing a will is, however, subject to some fairly strict regulations to ensure authenticity. To exercise this right, the testator must follow relatively cumbersome procedures established by law to protect his or her wishes.

The testament: the last will of the deceased

Will is a written document through which a person sets out her wishes in a case where she calculated. As death is not reserved for the elderly, establishing a will respect all adults wishing to share one any will to be implemented after the end of their legal personality.

Depending on the situation in the testator, the law provides different forms of wills: the authentic testament, the Holograph, the Mystic testament and the international will. Respective their structure and their content to determine the specifics as well as their suitability of use.